About Nick

My name's Nick Gilliam and I am a photographer based in Ashington, West Sussex, with a passion for steam railways.

I have always loved photography, ever since buying my first camera - a Pentax Super-A in the early eighties. Moving on to medium format, my cameras included the Pentax 645 NII, the Contax 645 and finally the Mamiya 7II which was excellent. Seeing the quality of Fuji Velvia 50 7x6 cms slides on the lightbox and a projector was just fantastic. I have always enjoyed experimenting with the technical side of cameras and although I still have a love for film, I transferred to digital in 2018, when I felt the quality was good enough.

I love getting outside and finding the best compositions for my images, whether with classic steam trains or a beautiful landscape. Steam railways have always greatly appealed to me - not just the locomotives but also the history and nostalgia of preserved lines and disused trackbeds. It is such a great feeling to photograph an engine at sunrise on a cool, clear morning, with all the sights, sounds and smells that accompany a hard working steam train.

My work has regularly featured in the national steam railway press since 2006, with my pictures making the cover on several occasions.

All my images are available to purchase as either downloads or prints.


A few of my images appearing on the covers of a couple of the UK's leading railway magazines.